Alison Cutlan

Founder, biophile

Alison is the award-winning scientist behind biophile’s pioneering formulations and co-founder of the brand. A passionate scientist and creative, she is an industry expert in green chemistry and natural, bio-innovations in beauty and personal care. Known for her ability to develop unique, advanced products with artistry and scientific rigor, her work in product development and innovation spans close to 20 years, including work with global brands like Kiehls and Naturopathica. Alison is reinventing skincare with biophile, a pro-biome skincare line that marks a new generation of sustainable clean beauty, designed to transform skin through the living power of micro-organisms and fermented “Biotic BrothsTM”. Launched in November 2019, biophile has already gotten nods from the industry with its bio-shroom rejuvenating serum was named “Best Face Serum” by Indie Beauty in January 2020.

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