Jasmina Aganovic

President, Mother Dirt

Jasmina Aganovic is the President of Mother Dirt, the first line of biome-friendly personal care products focused on restoring and maintaining the delicate balance of the skin biome. She is focused on transforming human health through products that restore Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB). A Chemical and Biological Engineering graduate from MIT, Jasmina is leading the conversation about microbiome innovations and is challenging consumers to reimagine what it means to be ‘clean’. Prior to launching Mother Dirt, Jasmina held product development and leadership roles at LVMH, Fresh and Living Proof. Early in her career, she built skin care company Bona Clara, marketing products without sodium lauryl sulfate, petroleum based ingredients, parabens or other potentially toxic chemicals. Apart from leading effective teams towards the company mission and objectives, Jasmina also has a proven track record in manufacturing partnerships, sales training, product development and launch strategy.

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