Kit Wallen Russell

Co-Founder, JooMo

With a Masters Degree in Geophysics from University College London (UCL), twice published scientific author and JooMo Co-Founder Kit published a peer-reviewed paper in 2017 that describes the first ever mechanism to determine whether skin is healthy or not. As director of the Pavane Research Centre (the R&D arm behind all ground-breaking JooMo technology), he discovered that the ONLY indicator of healthy skin was high microbial biodiversity, not the presence/lack of particular microbes. This meant that, for the first time, it was possible to determine whether everyday cosmetics really are the primary cause of the current skin allergy epidemic. To do so, Kit formed a partnership with top European institution, The Medical University of Graz, to test everyday cosmetics, including JooMo, for their effect on skin health. Kit aims to dispel the myths surrounding Probiotics within the industry, and distance JooMo from the Pro-/Pre-Biotics label. JooMo is NOT a probiotic.

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