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Drawing on more than 40 years of experience in the design, Research & Development, manufacture and commercialization of cosmetic active ingredients, conforming to international quality standards, the Solabia Group Cosmetics Division offers its customers a extensive range of products in compliance with the current requirements regarding sourcing & traceability, naturalness, efficacy, safety and regulations. This product diversity is due to the multiplicity of our technologies, whether of biotechnological origin or derived from plant and marine extraction, fine chemistry and our specific expertise in Macro-encapsulation.

Convinced of the interactions between the body and microorganisms, Solabia became interested in human microbiomes and maintaining their balance almost 30 years ago. First research was performed in the gut microbiome area by the nutrition division. Then, subsequently, the Solabia Group Cosmetics Division has expanding its knowledges to the skin, the scalp, and the vaginal flora by means of an evolutionary strategy over the years.

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